Headhunter called about a rejection for an assignment I did:

Assignment had malformed data examples
Assignment had unrealistic timespan for completion
Assignment used item stocks for a shop setup
Assignment didn't use any prices just item stocks

Who builds a webshop without prices in the first place?

So done with this job hunting assessment bullshit.

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    [Rant] At the time that I chose to do a major in CS, if someone would've told me that job hunting as a programmer would be so unstandardized, I probably would have looked for other career options.
    I can't stand the fact that while one company expects me to be able to invert a binary tree, another company expects me to write code for games like Tic Tac Toe in 30 minutes, and another expects me to know the nuances of a complex language like JavaScript and the working knowledge the old/new frameworks that come with it.
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    @scoopstheloops the market is so broken indeed
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    Also where tf you cool ppl work man get karma on your teams bro.
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