I was working with a guy 3 years ago, he was junior web developer. Lazy for work, watching YouTube and game streamers all day long at the office. Sometimes i was fixing his crappy code.
And ... one week ago I was surprised seeing this guy come to my current work office as senior web developer.
Im also new at this office and i had good impression i was working with professionals before this happened. Guess what... This guy hasnt changed much. Still writes crappy code , no idea of clean code at all.
I got concerns about my work place now :/ thinking to change it.

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    Sadly some people get far in life by being great communicators with upper management, and really being able to ace interviews and little else.
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    How did he survive the interview process?
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    Irony of life
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    I promise to hate him for you with the rage of one thousand suns for a year. Please keep us updated as bad things start to happen to him.

    The shit will stop on 7th June 2023. If he's looking very worried, just tell him you had a hunch, mkay?
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    @bols59 what is happening on that date?
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    Yeah, happens to all of us, and lucky you for not having superiors that do the same shit.

    I guess we have to keep on and let our actions speak for us.
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