I work out of HQ office of my org and perhaps the only one from my team.

My boss will be working out of this office as well.

He is currently visiting, before he relocates full time.

I have my first in-person meeting with him. I am super anxious and want to avoid it at all cost.

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    @gogokun yes, I like him.

    And yes, his presence makes me anxious at work.

    I am aware and like that strategy of looking at this as if I am meeting an old friend.


    The meeting went smooth. He did point out that I was nervous and kep reassuring me that I don't have to be nervous and I am doing a good job.

    I think, as usual, I am being harsh on myself + until I get through the probation and build trust, I'll be this way.

    It seems that this is just the way I am.
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    @gogokun so far, yes..
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    Is this the same zero emotions and empathy boss who takes the Akpezc route to documentation ?
    Are you worried you're gonna become like that ? Or is that what you want to become ? XD
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    i guess it would be not about you at all. He must himself be feeling anxious to meeting his bosses and have the pressure of shifting.
    Jist stay cool. That's just another head out from tue zoom screen onto a moving piece of flesh
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    @notroot Yes the same one. I am or rather was worried about being fired.

    @dotenvironment Meeting went well. We had many follow-ups. So far, so good.
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