After couiple of hours (Yes, apprently it's insane how hard is to add a new NIC to a linux machine and make it start on boot), I finally got my connexion working !

Story :
Server has original MB 1Gbits card. Internet connexion is 1.1 Gbps. So 1Gb card only picked at 940 Mbits download

I bought a 2.5 Gb card (new nic)

Pluged it in : Nothing
Couple of ifconfig -a etc, bring device UP : Yeah working !
Reboot : Nothing

/etc/interfaces : nothing

And why it's not eth0 and eth1 etc as before but some thing cryptic like enp3s0.

Well, at least now everything working (Apperently there is a new "network plan" config file in yaml... what a waste, DO FUCKING JSON YOU RETARDS)

Ping is awsome tho ! Same cable on windows Machine, I get 5 ms.

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    Search for biosdevname and net.ifnames and you have eth0 and eth1 back. I have it set on all my linux machines.
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    And i envy your speed.

    Me having max 50 and avg about 10-15 and sometimes none

    Oh and ping is never lower than 100
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    I don't understand why yaml is used. It is a pain in the ass
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    2.5 G is a pretty abomination.

    Usually pretty recent firmware and kernel is needed.

    The naming of interfaces is due to systemd / udev new device naming:


    Though this has been introduced several years before, I think you came from an ancient distro version (?!)

    Network plan sounds like Ubuntu, though you don't configure it then in /etc/interfaces .

    At work, I ripped out network plan and especially systemd-resolved out of everything...

    I prefer the ancient way of /etc/network/interfaces ... Given that the configuration is pretty static in our company, and we don't spawn new evils eh VMs daily, it's sufficient.

    openresolv can replace systemd-resolved by the way.
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