Best sorting algorithm ever.
Sleep sort.

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    Wondering, what is the complexity of this algorithm...
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    Why are you assuming that's a sorting algorithm?
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    @rusty-hacker because it prints the contents of the array in ascending order šŸ¤”
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    Faster sort ever = no sort.

    What..... I didn't even...how...oh well.
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    Should include check if user would not fall asleep before this function ends though
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    @codeJS cool. Try sorting neg numbers :)
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    Now add 1 integer. It shouldnt add much trouble right? 1 million šŸ˜‚šŸ‘
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    Ahaha that'sā€‹ amazing xD
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    doesn't work
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    There is a hope sort. Put numbers in an array and wait, hope array gets sorted.
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    It's easy to optimize if performance becomes problematic! Just add a / 100 somewhere.
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    Bubblesort, quicksort, bucketsort, timeoutsort, dinosort, wii sports resort...
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    @Huuugo That last one made me literally laugh out loud xD
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    @LicensedCrime lets update code with Math.log(val) :D
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    @rusty-hacker just normalize the numbers to be positive :) then undo it afterwards
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    @tylerhartwig not possible since you don't know in advanced what the lowest negative number will be.
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    @thejohnhoffer True.... You could do it for integers by switching signed to unsigned and back again, but you run into an issue on floats :/
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    Like counting sort, linear running time, with respect to number of bits in the largest integer in the array.
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    Python implementation for this???
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    lol that's hilarious! however instead of logging the output, why not use promises?
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    nice foreach sintax
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    Would that work on a really long array of numbers?

    Something like [1,3,...,2,....]

    If the array is long enough, won't the 3 timeout fire before the timeout of 2 is even created?
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