Okay, so not eating has become a major problem now. This morning when i got out of bed and stood up, i fell backwards in to my bed again. I couldn't see anything, all black. A few minutes went past and i got back on my feet, got dressed and headed to school.

The thing is, a day can go past and i won't feel hungry at all. But i have to eat, but i don't.

Am i the only one with this problem?

Another thing that is happening is that when i get home from school i sit down in front of my computer and start to write some code, hours fly by and there goes that day, no homework done either.

No food, no homework. Only coding. I think i have a serious problem 😂.

On a side note, a few days ago i tasted coffee for the first time, and now i can't resist buying a cappuccino/latte when i walk past espresso house in the morning.

Here's a interesting question, why the fuck did you waste your time reading this? 😂

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    No time wasted here, amigo. No nutrition, no code cuz brains work like that.
    I have the same problem, but knowing your physiology carries you a long way.
    I used to think that 'ur body is ur temple' mantra was bullshit but it's not.
    Just don't live off apples only 😂
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