OK, I've got a foot pedal I've used for transcription work and other projects on and off for years. In order to be able to use it outside of the context of my transcription software, I used ControllerMate for the better part of a decade.

Unfortunately, having moved my work over to an M1 Mac it seems that it's no longer compatible, even in the hobbled state it's been in with the past couple versions of OS X.

Been trying to find an alternative for a while and not finding much. Does anyone have anything they can recommend for programming the behaviors of USB peripherals?

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    HID device? should be easy to interface with something. It is a simple keyboard...
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    probably a stupid question, but what's the use of foot pedal in doing transcriptions? i'm very curious.
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    @Midnight-shcode Play/pause button plus being able to jump forward and back without having to lift your hands from the keyboard. It's possible to set an F-key to handle those sorts of things as well, but the foot pedal goes a long way towards letting you keep your flow going.
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