Should I upload my video journals in which I can speak freely? Or do you think that might hurt my professional image? I like doing talking through video moreso than writing in a journal, and I’m trying to see the pros and cons of this hypothetical…

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    yeah u can... just record ur voice as audio and share ur screen for video. Done! Additionally pick a random username.
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    depends on what type of person you are. If you are easily upset or hurt by the opinions of others, then be very careful. Once you upload anything to the internet is there forever. Connecting your face, voice and thoughts together for the perfect fingerprint. And no matter what your opinions are, there will be more than too many people that will not only disagree, but childishly bully you and make no sense.

    If you think you can handle that, go ahead, it's your life, your choices. If you think you might not like that though, I'd recommend precautions, at the very least a different username, but that's not gonna do much. At that point it's better to hide your face and just do a small animated screen and background music, or some gameplay or whatever and just keep the voice.
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    Don't, you will just get arrested and sent to jail for something you said that upset someone, now or in the future..
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