Middle dev manager calls us all to the weekly meeting and she’s like

”Yeah, I haven’t got anything to discuss”


I got to leave this dysfunctional place!!!

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    Oh no, she is retarded.
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    Any decent professional manager would cancel the meeting.

    We have such a weekly placeholder but it usually gets cancelled 80% of the time, but when there is things to discuss its usually important and time critical so having all stakeholders reserve an hour a week is worth it since for most, that then becomes an extra hour that no one else will book ;)

    If we did not have the placeholder it would be close to impossible to squeeze in a meeting for all at the same time.
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    To be fair, I have a meeting today, where I'm just going to say that I'm still working on the task I started last week, as expected. But I'll have to wait an hour before I can tell them that and get back to my work.

    Sometimes you've just got to do the meetings just to get back to work.

    Although if she simply has nothing to do then that's a waste of time and resources.
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    @ojt-rant that is just dumb.

    Such status sounds like stand up and that should be short and by the team so 5-15 min max
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    @Voxera ”I got nothing to add” is fine at daily pulse meeting! But I would expect more from leadership at weekly/bi-weekly.

    I think that there are so many people around me that is not really working. And it is really frustrating and wants me want to leave.
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    @sideshowbob76 it all depends if they have anything relevant for the team right now.

    We often have business owners and similar that just say they have nothing since its not relevant today.

    But they do participate incase the team have any questions so the team is not blocked.
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    @Voxera I would expect an entire work week would aggregate some new knowledge. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    @sideshowbob76 depends, our product owners are often working on stuff for next sprint, and that is handled on refinement and planning, not on daily standups
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    Well, we are not talking about daily standups. I hope you understand that I do understand that there are some fine folks out there that is actually working hard and doing their best. No matter what they do.

    This is devrant and I can rant as much as I want.
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