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so i finally got back to Control (the game), since i finally got the dlcs.
finished the main story long time ago, even though i didn't finish all the sidequests, so i'm kinda doing that now before starting the dlc.

it might be just that i didn't explore all the nooks and crannies of the oldest house before, since even the place where the "hunt down and finally fire Tomassi" was a place i haven't been to before, and all question marks on the map (and i assume that place was there even before the dlc, because the quest existed too), but i'm noticing a surprising amount of unvisited rooms now, and i assume at least some of them were added by the dlc.

which made me think: how cool that the lore of the game just enables them to add new extensions to the building without breaking it because just yeah, they appeared recently, it's the oldest house...

however i still hope that maybe at least after 100%ing the main game, the place will get to some more... homely state? i'd love a state where it would feel at least a bit more like a place i'm in charge of, and less than a battlefield perpetually in progress.

anyways, still a great game, i forgot how nice it feels to be in that place. looking forward to the dlcs, just have to find the proper time and mood to immerse in it fully.

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    funny how many people got the base game on epic store, but then bought the ultimate edition on gog as a way to get the dlcs, and were then trying to find out how to transfer the save files.

    some dude wrote a neat powershell script to do the transfer though, since it not only required moving, but also changing the internal folder structure and file names, which i don't get. sure, steam/epic want to own the files for cloud sync, so they have them in their own locations instead of the global appdata or documents/my games, but... why change the internal structure of it too?
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    Control somehow did not hook me - but Prey is pretty good: https://www.gog.com/en/game/prey
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    It's amazing how well the DLCs are integrated into the base game. In fact, when I first started playing, I got the game with the two DLCs and didn't even know where the base game ends and where the DLCs begin.
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    @Oktokolo It was the exact opposite for me - tried Prey, played for maybe an hour or two, but somehow I wasn't impressed; I tried Control and was instantly hooked (even though at the time I had to play it on a pretty underpowered GPU for the game).
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    @Midnight-shcode Epic freebies are a lie!
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    @iiii They really offered it at one point, but it was just the base game.
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    @iiii Epic freebies are nice to have. I got Prey that way. It is so much easier to decide to "buy" something when its price is zero...
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    @Oktokolo and to get those freebies you install their "game store" malware.
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    @iiii Well, it is the gaming PC. Nowadays i don't use that much cracks anymore. But i got countless DLL-based mods for Skyrim, the Steam game store "malware", the GOG Galaxy game store "malware" and maybe the Blizzard Launcher game store "malware" is also still hiding somewhere...

    Their game store "malware" is way slower than Steam. But it still is just like steam but slower and with less features.
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    @Oktokolo the Epic store is literally a spyware which at some point scanned all your PC for additional information unrelated to Epic games.
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    @iiii The spyware claim looks like a smear campaign to me. They have the worst launcher on the market - but it probably isn't more spyware than Steam is.
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    @iiii So you would say, that a security bug would classify software as malware? I play on Microsoft Windows and also have the nVidia driver and Steam installed. And i still use OpenSSL on my Gentoo desktop.

    I also don't like double standards.
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    @Oktokolo epic is 40% owned by tencent, meaning 40% owned by chinese communist party, so i bet that if it's not mal/spyware yet, it will become one very soon.
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    @Oktokolo i finished Prey a long time ago when i was craving System Shock 3.
    it... somewhat scratched that itch, not bad. tried to play it a second time, but was bored.

    control, though... scratches an itch nothing else ever did. not by gameplay, mind you. gameplay is good, but the environments and lore and story, those are exceptional. a true AAA SCP game.
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    @Midnight-shcode So the Chineese could maybe start spying on my gaming sessions some time in the future. sure, but i know about Snowden. And i seriously doubt, that Steam would ignore a national security letter demanding some or even all data they have or could get access to. We got our secret courts too. And we actually got cought spying on the world.

    BTW, i am against hypocrisy.
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    "So the Chineese could maybe start spying on my gaming sessions some time in the future."

    lol you naiive, pure child.

    first, the spying is probably already happening.

    second, it's probably more like TikTok spying - keylogging, webcam logging, microphone logging, gps logging, and screengrabbing, ALL THE TIME, on the background, even when the app is not officially running, even when not running in background.

    tiktok's already been proven that it's doing that.

    epic launcher... i believe might already be doing that too, except maybe only when the launcher is actually running in tray, otherwise if it spawned some hidden service, that one would already be known i assume.

    also, discord is owned by China as well.
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    the thing isn't so much "so they will know my uninteresting data"

    the thing is that you're part of the data stream they use to feed their social warfare AI to build a psychological model of western population to get strategies and tactics to use to demoralize and manipulate western politics, culture, and population.

    and they've been doing freakishly well even before they had the AI.

    (see western debauchery a.k.a. "progressivism")
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    @Midnight-shcode I doubt, that they can do more to harm our society's self-esteem than we do to ourself already. Look at any layer of society. It is all corrupt from the top down to the bottom. Like with a fractal, you always see more corruption when you look closer. It is stupidly obvious in politics, but it also is pretty obvious in the other fields.

    Sure, it isn't Russia-level corruption where the army wouldn't even be able to reach the battlefield because of petty theft disabling the weapons and making the troops run out of supplies half-way...

    But we actually are the baddies. Yes, they are badder than us. But we shouldn't be baddies at all. We should be the good guys.

    I am not on social media apart from this and some other specific platforms. And i don't know, what they do there. But i am pretty sure, that our best defense would be to actually stop being the baddies too.
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