Just started my first job out of college. Didn’t really get a good idea of what the responsibilities were when I was interviewing. Turned out that it’s like an advanced help desk role, no coding. No coding sucks but atleast I can use some cool software right?

The entire first month is only fucking online courses on soft skills. Can’t use the cool software until after I finish the courses. AND, I couldn’t even get confirmation that I will be using cool software. I might just be talking to customers. Fucking kill me

All I want to do is code and now I’m stuck in this shit job with no coding

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    If you like dealing with people, you can stay and enjoy not being fully braindrained after work. If you don't like dealing with people, you should just find another job. But check your neck first. If you aren't wearing a heavy iron ring, you should be able to change jobs...
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    That's why you have probation: to get out fast if what you got was not what you expected.
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