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    They used their brains instead of finding an answer :P
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    Whhhaaaatttt??? My world is falling appart...
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    It wasn't simply just "made" 😒 it's eternal, a gift from the Gods 👼
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    Sadly we often take platforms like stackoverflow for granted. Can we all take a moment and show some appreciation for what they have created.
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    Those were days of forums, usenet groups and mailing lists, where you had to wade through dozens of posts trying your best to avoid the flame-war to a complete unrelated side issue only for the last post by the very original poster to read: "Fixed it."

    We live in great times.
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    And one must also not forget Experts-Exchange.

    They tried to become the definite source for question and answers, yet they charged a huge amount of money for their service.

    Stackoverflow was intentionally created to be everything but Experts-Exchange, yet to still fullfill its role. They treated Experts-Exchange as their villain, as their nemesis. Worked out fine. Nobody knows about Experts-Exchange anymore :D
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    @kr-b indeed, 1 good thing in this world is stackoverflow, obviously the gift from the god 😇
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