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    @jonas-w they're smashing bugs

    alfs is full of bugs

    see the rather obvious connection ?

    that and there is a funny woman laughing maniacally lol
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    some evidence these people tried coming out of the closet somewhere in the 20 year period between 1994 and 2014
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    @jonas-w automated linux from scratch

    these bastards bugged it so it fails and you have to manually intervene to get it to run properly which I have been able to do previously then the assholes steal everything and reset and claim that there was some kind of hidden catch to fixing a fucking linux build .

    fucking assholes.

    just like they broke gcc 10
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    Poor Alfs
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    @jonas-w did sandman and the second dune suck or something ? likely i'll see them and realize i already did heh.
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    was ist mit den Olchies?
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