so... not really a rant because i'm happy to be in the long-term zenlike state where i don't really give a fuck about anything anymore, but...

so today's my birthday (thanks in advance for all the semi-mandatory "cheers" reactions and such)

the agency i do temp jobs through sends money weekly (for the one week back) (which is the main and only reason i use them). they arrive at friday 12:25, so that's when i know to go "check" by withdrawing it, and it's also awesome because it's the best time to provide funds to reward myself (by booze/weed) at the end of the week.

last week, nothing came in. i called them and learned it was due to the contact person in the company i did job in being too late on sending the agency list of people who showed up at the work, i was told it's gonna arrive one week later together with the proper payment for the week-1,so effectively i was one week without any money (literally), but on the next week double was going to arrive, which is nice.

that next week of double was now. i found out that no double arrived, only single-value payment. i called them to ask why.
i was told that what arrived was the late payment, and the dude in company was again late with sending the presence list, so the other payment, for the proper week's work, will be a week late again.

so... that kinda ruined my financial planning tor tge week that's going to happen.

i guess my point (if i have any) is... funny how when someone fucks up, there's nobody for me to be angry at and hold responsible in any way, but when i have delays in my work due to delays upstream, nobody gives a shit about my excuses and it's my fault and i should have compensated, it was my responsibility and duty, and me not doing it (to my own detriment, for someone else) is me failing.

funny how the subjective dynamics of the world always somehow works out in a way where everyone else fucks up and i either have to suck it up and be okay with it otherwise i'm a selfish unreliable entitled asshole, or suck it up and extinguish their fire for them, otherwise i'm a selfish unreliable entitled asshole XD

anyone else noticed this in their life?
how does it work? what is the factor that decides whether you're in the "suck it up" class or the "fuck it, someone else will suck it up" class?

doesn't seem to (just) be the money(flow), i've seen this thing happen even in situations where the money/client dynamics were flowing the opposite way to what would be natural for the shit fall direction.

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    on an unrelated note, rum actually sorts out my intestines and makes me have a normal healthy number 2, which is great, since it's union of the pleasant with the useful XD
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    Dealing with same issue in my scrum team. Imagine

    1. Task gets defined, I estimate 2 weeks to get it done, start working on it and get it done.
    2. Task done, but I cant send it to QA because backend team havent done their part yet. Delayed by 2 weeks. They finally did it but they fucked up. Delayed by one more week.
    3. Task is ready for QA, they pick it up one week later and merge it to dev
    4. During regression 3 blockers came up, now at this point 2 days left till end of the sprint. Teamlead is shitting bricks and asking me to fix it.
    5. Spillover happens and task gets moved to another sprint. Up until this point task was in limbo for the past 4-5 weeks. Teamlead starts asking wether I need a hand with it. As if I was causing the delays.

    Moral of the story: whole chain is fucked up but somehow I am the one to be blamed for getting feature delayed for so long. Fun times. Imagine if I would take a week off now. Everyone would loose their minds. But if our only QA does it, its fine.
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    What is number 2 and is there a numbef 3, even 4?
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