Shit will hit the fan pretty soon. We're understaffed, the team is all talking about jumping ship and all other teams rely on our work, so if we jump ship, it sinks. It's really amazing that management is unaware or choosing to actively ignore the possibility. Either way, they're fucking up big time. Honestly, if it happens, it will be well deserved, it just sucks for everyone else working under them

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    did that my last hop, moved to a company that semi supported us. they mentioned in a meeting that the old company i was at kinda went quiet and i left at the same time xp was funny. not that the old place really has any clue
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    I dunno why, but I remembered Buffy's - We walk through the fire and we let it burn muscial episode.
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    Ooh, the classic "we're understaffed so let's make our current staff work twice as hard- I mean, twice as smart!" s*it approach.
    I've been there. When complaining the s*its said something like "in Facebook people work overnight!" Uh, yeah, but a typical FB engineer makes triple the salary of the PM of India. If you get notice of icebergs in your route and still chooses to increase ship speed, it will be your ass in the cold water soon enough.
    @darksideofyay , abandon ship. ASAP.
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    @JsonBoa if you increase speed when on a collision course with an iceberg you dither hope your head is hard enough, or you will find out your ego was not ;)
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    That is why they are management. They have to take those things into account. For any relationship to succeed both parties must be in on it. So if you choose to leave and they don't take any action, they are the ones doing a bad job. You are only looking after yourself
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