Does anyone actually use stuff like Github copilot and do you find it useful?

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    I tried it on a Python/Pandas project I worked on. It did save me some time by writing most of the code. I had 10 columns to write based off of a CSV file, and somehow, copilot magically wrote all 10 column names. Correctly.
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    It helped a lot with Haskell/racket assignments. I had to disable copilot most of the time when I was working with golang assignment and AngularJS at work
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    I have not tried it yet.

    I guess I will work like an intellisense on steroids merged with Excel’s auto complete and if you learn when to use it I think it could be a boost, but it depends on if it suggests the right and I would have to test it ;)

    It could be that it helps repetitive things but I try to avoid those :P
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