After 8 hours of carefully installing Gentoo in my laptop I ended up with a... Completely unusable OS. Guess I'll try again tomorrow, apparently I didn't set up the kernel with the appropriate drivers.

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    Gentoo installation is a pain in the ass.
    Tried it once in a VM just for fun, first time big disaster, second time not much better.

    You have to set up the basics all by hand, before the installer can do any good. Then it installs only the absolute minimum and you have to install countless packages by yourself.
    At the end it worked somehow, but that's not the way I want my system.

    The idea behind Gentoo sounds nice, but for me it's not worth it.

    Take any other distribution with a decent installer.
    I personally like Debian, because of its stability, not only of the software, but even on the organizational parts. Nearly any other distribution died, changed companies or was fully transformed over the last 15-20 years, Debian is still Debian.

    Debians installer has been improved so much over the last years, so you don't need a CS-degree to run it anymore.
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    @ddephor gonna try a couple more times first
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