Hate it when i spend hours upon hours implementing an algorithm/program (in C++ btw) and whenever I show it to someone... They r like
Them: Huh... Spent so much time to display JUST that?!


Well... Only programmers understand the amount of time required to get things done...

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    Given the accuracy of our estimates i would say that we don't understand how much time is required to do things either.
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    @ItsNotMyFault Umm... Yea true 😂😂
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    Quantity != Quality 😉
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    @AbHy Well said... Lol idk why I jst like the idea of having a big code base... Although I am never able to read my own code after a while 😂😂😂
    (No compromises on performance and optimization though)
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    Well sometimes we do weird things to optimize code which make it less readable. But I think thorough documentation fixes the issue. 😊
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    Yeah, i even hate it more whenever my friends who also program say that.. i'm like.. give me some god damn credit!
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    @Snowspect I know right!!! Ah well... Us poor programmers... Atleast coding is so much fun still... 😁😁😄😄
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    O the joys of spending your life screaming at parentheses and semicolons, only to finally get the most elegant solution ever working for you. Then you grab the nearest person to show that the dot on the screen is in the right place. And they just smile and hope you appreciate.
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