My phone screen is broken and automatic touches are happening everywhere.
Opened devrant every rants are getting ++'s.

Also apparently I'm not able to add any tags to this rant.
Free ++'s everyone.

(This took me almost 20 minutes to type)

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    go replace the screen. I had to answer a couple of freaked out users that this was happening to them, the emails were hilarious.
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    Here in India with the screen price I can buy new MI phone.
    Screens are goddamn expensive!
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    @fun2code presently middle of the phone and top left are not working! Along with automatic touches!
    It may look weird! 😂
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    Good to know that it wasn't just me having an edge case with rapid random touches.
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    Did you get it fixed? No one has got +1 in comments
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    You've got a lot of free time
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    Could you please go to my profile? For... Reasons 😜
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    Update :
    Top half the phone screen has become unresponsive.
    So now i am using the devrant WebApp
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    @ImpostorWorld i opened it recently :)
    i think now everyone has ++'s;
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    @linuxxx nice try ;)
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    Does WebApp has a Dark Theme ?
    I'm not able to find it anywhere.
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