REDIS: Great for cloud, will fuck up your local disk if too many write operations per second.

DynamoDB: WTF 10Mb should not be "too large for a single record"!!

SPARK: NEVER CONNECT IT TO A DATABASE! Wasted A LOT of cluster time. Also, can you be LESS specific on exactly what are the bugs in my code? 'cause I don't think it's possible.

NPM: can't install a package for shit. tried it waaaay to many times.

Makefiles: Just fuck you.

WSL1: breaks more often than a glass hammer.

Python >= 3.6: FUCK ENCODINGS!!


Living is to collet bugs, it seems.

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    Tired of npm? try yarn
    Tired of Makefiles? try gradle
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    NPM is total garbage! At times I spend more time figuring out what to npm install than anything else. It’s like npm install “thing i want” BUT NO! That’s not enough! I have to npm install something else, and I have to search all over stack overflow and the fucking net to find countless answers on how to handle some obscure error message. Then I end up with a giant package.json Frankenstein
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    @TeachMeCode agreed npm just the worst ... And it feels like the package manager is built by a junior.
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    npm install --global yarn
    And then Yarn will take over from now on 😂
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