VMware troubleshooting flowchart.

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    Spent an entire day cursing VMware and its stupid networking. Everyone on my team got an earful.

    12 hours in I realize I made a typo in a config file.

    Had to eat my words the next day...
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    @--wsp lol that always seems to be the case. I've never really seen it mess up.
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    In that case, I'd love to know why its DHCP service randomly stopped working until I reinstalled it.
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    VMWare vSphere is shit.

    I am attending a course where we are taught data center virtualization and we use VMWare since it IS the market leader in this regard. However, I just can't believe their vCenter ui is such a P**** of S$!@.

    I had such a hard time to even get to show up on my laptop's browser. Sadly, I can't just use the Html5 based ui but am forced to use the flash-based version since not all options are available with the html5 ui.

    I just ask myself why every UI VMWare makes has to be bad. Can't they make our life easier and not harder when we use their products.
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    @mcgamer0070 I wanted to write a comment expressing how much I agree with you but all my brain could produce was unintelligible screaming.
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    @mcgamer0070 yeah the webui isn't the greatest. I get a lot of refreshes from it. Other than that it just chugs along. Even when it does refresh it doesn't really break anything. It's good they're moving to a web based management tool though because keeping a windows VM around just for vsphere sucks.
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    @--wsp Well, its been some time. I may have been in an emontionally heated state at the time I wrote the comment (I was in the course trying to get something important done, but it just didn't want to work), but in hindsight, I think I may have overdone it a little with the emotions. 😅

    However, I still think that the state of the Flash-based vCenter UI was quite problematic at the time (which may have come from the general Trend of getting Flash out of the Web, something that VMware has no control over). I find it nice, that VMware is trying to update their UI (and they may have already completed that. It has been some time since I last used vCenter) and I hope they already managed to replace their old Flash UI with the HTML5 variant. Maybe someone could tell me what the current state of the vCenter web ui is, as I would like to know out of curiosity.
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