TEAM MATE: let me sync my branch with upstream master
*starts typing*

git pull upstream master

ME: Nooooooo!!!!

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    I guess I'm to less git talented for this. Could you explain it please?
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    git pull upstream master does a git fetch and a git merge. it also adds a merge commit. In case you want to squash your commits late on using interactive rebase, that gets really difficult.

    a better approach would be git fetch and then git rebase upstream/master so that you sync with upstream but still have all your commits at the top of the branch
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    @nerdchacha weeeell the real problem is that you're working on the master branch!
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    @willol why do you think I am working on the master branch, if I may ask
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    @nerdchacha because i'm a dumbass who didn't spent 5 seconds to understand the rant. Sorry :)
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