I discovered a worker was storing files on a IoT refrigerator. He had an external hard drive duct taped to the back of it.

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    IoT devices are very vulnerable. They lack security
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    @JsonC11 - Vulnerable, sure. Everything with a "door" on which a friend or foe can knock on is a potential security risk, even actual doors! ;)

    But saying "they lack security".. Come on.. there are millions upon millions of "things" wrapped in the IoT category. Making the statement that "they lack security" is to me the same as to say "databases lack security", "websites lack security" or "servers lack security".

    Mostly it's poor user configuration of the device connected to the internet that makes a device vulnerable. Many devices, like fridges, routers or smart home setups have the neccessary security built in, but if you as a user don't bother to even change the default password, then I blame the user, not the device.
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    @Mislead whatever you say bro lol
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    @Mislead I can safely say that most IoT devices in stores today actually lack security. Maybe the fridge is not one of those because it's an expensive item but the IoT market is flooded with millions of cheap shit that noone bothered to make them secure.. because it would increase their price. True story.
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    Is your refrigerator running? You better fsck it
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