When you find a bug about the feedback button.

I'm on an iPhone 4s and unable to get to feedback.

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    I can click to the side and trigger it.
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    That's the app giving you feedback. It's saying 'buy a new phone'.
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    @ChrisCooney it really is time for one.
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    You should've lead with "I'm on an iPhone 4"
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    Yeeaaah we've seen this one a bunch of times now, and we will fix it, but honestly, priority-wise it's low. We're not really testing on the 3.5 inch screen and if this is the worst issue then I don't think that's too bad.

    We want the app to look awesome on every screen, but with me and Tim being the only two right now we have to be selective about what we support 100% and what devices we test release builds on.
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    The irony...
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    I'm pretty sure that's just the Eeedbag button. You're not missing much.
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