Why does noone implement autoupdater, especialy on linux side? Is there a reason i dont get? Sure, most system stuff is better in apt, but if i install servers, i do not want to wait for these stupid linux release timings! If it were hard, id understand. But most of this is possible with something like GitHub API and 20 Minutes of time. I mean, yeah backwards compatibility and what not, but then handle that internaly.

Example: I use dnsmasq on a raspberry pi. RPI is running raspbian. Raspian is debian 8. Debian 8 has a version of dnsmasq with a pretty annoying bug, which prevents me from using dnssec, as i cant open any cloudflare pages. Why, o why isnt this updated at MY will? Then, if it isnt, why is it so impossible hard to compile this myself, no docs for that, no binaries, NOTHING? Dear server devs, please add atleast basic autoupdate functionality without having to rely on the base os.

Or, give me easily deployable binaries, if you cant write something integrated.

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    Forgive me if I'm missing something, but, if you're not happy with the version in the distro repos... Build it yourself. Don't know how much more up to date you could get.
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    @ObsidianBlk Its often not as simple. dnsmasq, for example, isnt easily compilable, if you want the same configuration as the repos one. Suddenly the code needs libraries that dont exist, arent findable and more. In my opinion you either provide binaries, autoupdate, or easy compile, but not only repo.
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    The problem is, that your own precompiled binaries sometimes don't don't work on specific distros (which is why some projects offer packages and sources for multiple distros) because they do something different and because auto updating means your package manager will think it's a different version and fuck up dependencies.

    If you want up to date software use package sources by the devs when available or for the love of God do not use Debian. Debian and up to date packages are exact opposite. The one can not exist on one machine while the other does. If you need that bleeding edge™ software you should look into arch Linux. I use it on my servers, my desktop and even on my raspberry pis
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    What r u talking? There ane plenty. And those, that havent, update per apt-get (yes, even skype)
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    @0x41 wrong. Its the same kernel, its just, that the package type is diffirent. Aptget wont support a yum package, but in the inside, linux runs the same kernel.

    Welcome to devrant, btw
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    @linuxer4fun Not wrong. It is not given that an application compiled on ubuntu is going to work on centos. I currently use Golang, so thats not a problem. This will work due to statics.
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    @linuxer4fun Servers? Very few. I am talking about servers, while skype is a client application.
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    @0x41 Yeah, it would mean thats this package exists outside of the package managers scope. I were thinking about arch, but i am not sure about using it on prod servers. I think i will port the necessary servers to it. Oh well.

    In my opinion its a mistake to ship coreutil stuff and any other application together. Fine, if the core system has old packages thats fine. But not application stuff. In the long run i am going to be a freebsd users, the update process there is splitted, which is great. Also statics are permitted there.
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    @linuxer4fun you misunderstood
    Some distros handle things differently. A .deb or .rpm package are archives with metadata and you could on theory just unpack them into your systems root directory (won't exactly work like that, I'm oversimplifying) and the binaries should be in the right place, but they might not run for a bunch of reasons that aren't the kernel, but vital files placed in different paths and stuff like that. You cold of course use statically compiled binaries for everything, but you could also drill a hole in your knee and pour milk into it.
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    @vortexman100 I use it on my private servers and very few prod servers because packages just don't exist or are extremely outdated, even on Ubuntu and ppas and all that. Use it on every raspberry pi though, because fuck raspbian tbh
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    @0x41 You are not oversimplyfing: Its exactly like that. Its a fancy zip archive, and you just extract it and place them in the root folder :D
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    Install LFS or Gentoo, have fun.
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