Everytime I post on stack overflow.com ... I brace for the down votes to come flowing :|

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    Last time I posted on stackoverflow I got no downvotes and someone answered 😮
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    Stackoverflow has this people who put or too much code or simplify things so much you don't understand them. When I started out it was hell looking up answers.
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    The things which annoy me most about the stack exchange sites are:

    1. Sometimes you want an objective comparison between solutions, but for some reason that's "opinionated" and thus forbidden... but the opinionated questions which are left open for "historical" purposes are often among the most helpful and thoughtful threads on the site.

    2. "you should ask that on dba.stackexchage" > "this should go on security.stackexchange" > "go ask that on that dead exchange site with 3 users, that's clearly where this belongs" > etc. Not everything in life is so easily categorizable dammit!
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    You only get down votes if you post something stupid. Like "Why is not my code working?" and don't provide any code. There's plenty of information on how to write a good question.

    I mean it's the least you can do if you want someone to help you.
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    @simeg I always feel like I ask too complex of a question people down vote it. Sometimes I am really high though and ask a very simplistic question, and I also get tons of down votes. When I write a decent question, I get neutral ratings lol.
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