what for we learn html and css if the app to make a web like adobe muse already exist?

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    Because Adobe Muse sucks.

    Just kidding, it is a good product. But it's costly.

    And web development is so much more than just HTML & CSS.
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    @kudamalam r u an Indonesian?
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    Because we don't want to be tied to a product and because it's just fun to dig into the entrails of the web!
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    @densedever @kudamalam i only have to know html and css and photoshop to design a web is it true?
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    Technically, yes. However your pages will sit there and do nothing. The beauty of web development is that browsers are powerful beasts that can do pretty much arbitrary things nowadays.

    Interactivity is the name of the game.

    For that, you'll need JavaScript, the language that manipulates webpage contents and stores/retrieves session data and cookies in your browser.

    Tutorial: https://github.com/getify/...

    Start with "Up and Going."

    Of course JavaScript isn't the only language out there. A server-side language called PHP is available with most web servers.

    PHP is NOT a very well-designed language by any stretch, although its power is pretty great in its later versions. As such, you can also use web frameworks like Django and Rails, using the languages Python and Ruby.
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    @densedever thanks for suggestion. perdin me i've another question, I am a newbie that want to learn about programming any advice where i should start learn? now i know little about html and css,??
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    Don't think about a programming language. Start learning logic. Formal, mathematical logic. Start reading up on "first-order logic" (the logic underlying true and false) and "higher-order logic" (a precise way to express ideas). Once you have those down, you'll have a solid understanding of concepts at the language level.

    The next step is to learn how to make flow charts, mind maps, to-do lists, and class diagrams. This will help you specify your idea, lay out your program, and start planning. If you don't know EXACTLY what you want and what that will take to make, you'll never make that program. You will fail.

    Only THEN can you start worrying about which languages to learn.
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