When you haven't touched a project in a month and you decide you need to get back into it.

I have pages of dated notes, pseudo-code and function in the still need written. I have about 75% of the actual code up and functional, but I have no idea what I was working on when other things got in the way. I've been staring at this mess that I swear was once organized and made total sense and I'm completely lost.

Why do our brains do this!!

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    It has to do something with the alchohol level in the blood. or cannabinols. or opiates. or caffeine. or something. get back to the same level as when you wrote it, and it will make sense again'
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    @magicMirror working on those cannibinols now lol. Two months of work sitting in front of me and it's going to take me most of the day to figure out what I was doing.
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