sqlite lets you violate foreign key constraints on insert.
so you then can't delete the row you added
which has absolutely no child data so it shouldn't be preventing you from deleting it.


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    @nowaho it's 3.36.0 sqlite3
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    @nowaho and i'll share the rest in a bit i'm annoyed by it lol
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    @nowaho barely motivated to finish working on the same goddamn shit heh
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    I think there is some kind of open option you have to pass for constraints to be checked.

    But I might misremember that
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    @nowaho, thanks for the clarification!
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    @nowaho does that explain why I can't delete a master row with no referencing data without getting a reference error ?

    Eg table 2 references table 1
    Table 2 has no rows
    I put a row in table 1
    I then try to delete that row
    Sqlite prevents me because of the fk
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    @nowaho but why is it preventing me from deleting a row not being referenced by anything ?
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    @nowaho when i remove the fk the row can be deleted
    Yeah sorry I'll post something better on it
    Last time they reached this version of sqlite I just had to work around and doublecheck myself
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    @nowaho did everyone like have a meeting and agree that noone would do anything real anymore ?
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    @nowaho because I missed the part where these garbage fags made their intentions to destroy the world clear or what kind of timetable in service of making the human race psychologically warped trash they defined.
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    @nowaho so what do you think we should be doing ?
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    @nowaho I want to hear your perspective
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    @nowaho while we do this same stupid crap again and the compilation of sqlite doesn't take very long I might add
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    @nowaho interesting
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    @nowaho so how's the hoo ha-ing ?
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