Hey guys
I'm starting my first programming intern job in a week.
It's a big company and have many projects and they liked me because I knew some Java from college.

I obviously have no industry Java experience but am looking to review the book used in my class & the projects I did.

I'm still kinda nervous a little cuz I don't have any idea what it's going to be like.

What could be advised to do while waiting a week? Any good Java brush up idea


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    Interview cake bro! I suck at the problems but eventually ill figure them out.
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    Brush up on logic, algorithms, and modeling/planning and time-management strategies. You can learn Java with a reference and a few books and get used to it along your internship if you think you can pick it up quickly.

    The fundamental things like algorithms and math are going to be there your entire career, whereas Java is just Java. A language is nothing without structure underneath. That is what is most important.

    If you find a source that teaches those using Java, all the better!
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    Work on your SO-search fu, and make sure you know how to use apache-* libs. Oh, and close streams properly.
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