"Did you not see (x important announcement) guys?! It was posted very clearly in the group teams channel and everyone was tagged!"

"No, we turned off notifications for that teams channel so didn't see it."

"What?! Why on earth would you turn notifications off, everything posted there is incredibly important! You must turn them back on now!"

Channel history:
- @everyone "HEY GUYS IT'S FRIDAY! Let's celebrate by everyone posting their favourite gif! Go go go!"
- @everyone "Choo choo guys it's the training train! How about we all share our best training experience for a bit of positivity?"
- @everyone "Hi I lost my laptop can anyone help find it"

Yeah... I wonder why...

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    Split into two channels:
    * random shit
    * important shit
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    @Lensflare Already is. The issue is everyone thinks their random crap is important.
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    @AlmondSauce that sucks. I’m sorry for your situation.
    Maybe you can fight fire with fire and raise some awareness by spamming random shit into that important channel.
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    - parents with their kids.

    I love kids.

    But parents.... Uuuuuugh.

    "Look what XY did today"
    "Did I tell you...."
    "In school..."

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