Fuck, every time I read something about NFTs I lose another bit of faith in humanity I didn't even know I had.

I mean, I guess someone could make a bunch of cartoon characters (lets say, some sort of "pookey-man") using compatible styles and colour palettes. And I guess you could buy some of those if there is a product that makes trademark recognition a plausible dream (let's say, a videogame and/or anime).

But if the chance of success is akin to the chance of becoming a billionaire solemly from lottery wins, shouldn't the assets be priced accordingly?
Like a couple bucks a pop, at most?

Dropping a cool 30000 quid on a single lotto ticket sounds like the dumbest thing ever.
And yet at least a couple hundred hollow heads did it.
Fuck everything.

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    NFT's vs Screenshot and move on 🤷‍♂️

    This is nothing but a bullshit idea for those who managed to make money from crypto to spend it.
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    the only reason NFTs sell is because people don't understand what they're actually buying. if they offered to sell a contract that points to a hyperlink, people wouldn't give two shits about it. so they slapped some ugly cartoons on top and made some misleading analogies that brought us to this
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    NFTs are also useful for money laundering because you can make something unique so that the finance authorities cannot gauge the market value. You don't even need to create something physical like in the modern art mills that serve mainly this purpose.
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    I hate it when I read article about cryptos and NFT between cryptobros thinking they're gonna get rich and naysayers, I'm just like "hey it's a convenient way to pay for weed".
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