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Do you run coloured output on your terminals or do you prefer it monochrome?

I love my coloured output so much it's like watching a computer vomit rainbows :D

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    I dont know.

    Ps im colorblind
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    Regular command prompt using green text on a black background.
    Hacker mode activated!
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    I use a colour scheme for iTerm called something like Viking or something, I'll find out later. It has a nice blue hue. Now I'm busy playing meatspace
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    I can never be bothered to set it up correctly on every system. Sometimes it's monochrome, sometimes it's coloured.

    It's a little surprise every time!
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    Personally, I like my tmux/grep/vim with colors. Much easier to parse
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    Output on terminal :: always in color....makes my day seeing the logs scroll up ... :D
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    Color. Definitely.
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    No one reminded me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    The theme I use is called Nord. It has a lot of adaptions, Atom, VS Code, Vim
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