Keras was throwing errors...

Since I thought it was a tensorflow issue, I went up and down and all the way around. Installing all tensorflow shit like a bijillion times.

... But it wasn't. It was the fucking ipykernel...
It took me a good 5-6 hours.

I pulled a 12 hours day today.

... Somebody hug me plz 😢

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    Honestly I'm just so happy it worked, that right now I'm in a presumably dopamine high
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    my best moment with this shit was: These libraries were written with Linux in mind vs the best GPU components that you could use have the best drivers available for windows, but the libraries in question where written for Linux in mind, but the....endless circle of not understanding where the dependencies that you need should go.

    I am now paying for dedicated servers and I could not be happier, fuck setting up a lab fr fr
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