I’ve been earmarked for promotion but I plan on quitting right after it. Be honest with me: how important are titles compared to YoE

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    That probably depends on you and country/area of business

    Personally I do not care at all, but I have the experience to counter any lack of title and in Sweden titles are often of less importance.

    But I do know that in some other countries they do have an impact on who will listen to you.
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    Sometimes it matters, but it mostly depends on the company you work for.
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    Have no clue what YoE is besides misspelled Joe. So have to go with titles...
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    Paycheck > titles
    Mental heath > titles
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    @hjk101 I'm thinking Years of Experience, or perhaps a Joe who knows
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    Titles are good of you want to job-hop between low-skill companies (I respect that strategy. Get a signing bonus, spend a month doing nothing at all while onboarding and flip the bird in like eight-to-twenty months when shit starts to smell). Those mostly just type "senior tech wiz or some shit" on LinkedIn and call the first result until hiring someone.

    Years of experience mean nothing by this metric alone, but experience itself is an hell of an advantage. So if you are honing valuable skills, maybe stay until you get a portfolio to market those skills.
    If you are not, well, sophisticated companies do not care if you worked for 20 years on R&D at uni or 2 years at a shity content factory,. As long as your code can sing the song of money, you're in. So the market value of time served is 0.
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    @JsonBoa "as long as your code can sing the song of money" excellent phrase sir, i'm stealing it :)
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