I want a devRant iPad app.

All it really needs to be is a streaming feed with the slide-out menu static on the left. I'd be happy with that.

Pretty simple, but obviously not critical. I just hope it's on the //TODO list. I'd enjoy it (especially if it supported multitasking).

But don't feel as though you should support the 12.9-inch Pro because lol fuck that monstrosity.

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    Already exists on my iPad and I don't mean scaled up version of the iPhone app.

    The only change I would make would allow for landscape mode as I prefer to hold my device in that orientation. Then we could infinitely scroll through rants on the left and open a single rant on the right.

    How about it @dfox and @trostik?
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    @trostik My apologies, and to @trogus as well.
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    @trostik no worries, we're cool :)
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    Could be pretty cool.
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    @beningreenjam seriously? It doesn't show in search for me at all.

    OMG is App Store search not good? Shocking.
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    It does exist, but it's not too optimized and there's no landscape mode. I haven't tried the app in landscape too much and I'm not sure how much work it would take to get it there, but it would definitely be nice and there have been a number of requests for it. I'll give it a try after we finish a few high priority things for the apps (notification settings, better loading of profiles, infinite scroll for notifs/comments, and a few more)
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    @dfox Nice features at the top of the list! 😎
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    No landscape on the iPhone either (yet), not using often but it happens ;-)
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