So I work at a big IT company. Keep in mind you could say I'm lucky to be here my last job was as a mechanic. So they put me on this team filled with the most draining kunts I've ever seen.

I have been here for about a year and I am yet to be put on a project, so im just training. They asked me to get certified to be on a project which is complete bullshit because every other fuckwit is on a project and noone is certified.

ONTOP of this, there's no work to be done anyway, yet they keep hiring fucking Grads. LIKE FUCK OFF, get work for the rest of us first you fucking IDIOTS.

Anyway, the cert is the driest fucking content, like kill me now, I try to read about it and I just want to blow my fucking brains out.

Like is IT all like this? I used to work at a web design company and that shit was fucking fun, but paid like $2 an hour the cheap fucks.

Anyway that's my rant, I'm sitting my exam tomorrow for this cert and honestly, I don't even know why. I literally know ZERO. fucking going in to guess this shit. would rather go down to bunnings buy the coarsest piece of rope and just dangle like a fat dick.

Anyway cheers lads. have a great day

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    I'm not sure about all of it, but depending on the conpany you work in, yes. So far i had times, where i didn't have a lot of stuff to do and was just alibi maintaining some internal software until some client project showed up. Until the contract went through i looked into the tech stack, which took 3 months for whatever reason until it got confirmed. But now im in the project, that will probably last till the end of the year.

    In my experience it was rather boring at times, but on the other hand i could also be sitting in some client project that's a sinking ship, so there's that..
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    @thebiochemic IDK if the corporate life is for me tbh lads. We have a quota for LGBTQ on the team. Like, do you, no one judging, but why the fuck does it matter who you fuck in your own time. Like why is there a quota for this? they would rather hire a dude that takes it up the ass than one that's qualified. FML
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    "there's no work to be done"
    this never happens to me. but it would be really nice, then i could use this time for code maintenance/improvements or learning.
    But it's rather the opposite, there's more than i can do and management keeps fighting for ressources.

    honestly, i don't understand why this happens in other companies in the first place and if they just love to burn money.
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    I assure you, that idle time just doesn't happen for developers - so enjoy it while it lasts, because this will be the last time that you feel like have nothing to do... Well, actually you should train for that cert, so technically you aren't idle but just lazy.

    Depending on whether you actually are suited for being a coder and/or dealing with big corp lifestyle, you might have been better off being a mechanic though...
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    You said you work for an IT company. I don't know where you are but here in the US we have these IT companies called MSPs, Managed Service Providers. I have seen multiple times where they would rather hire someone with certificates/degrees over someone that actually knew what they were doing simply so they can use the number of employees with certificates in their marketing to clients.

    Hopefully they helped you pay for that certificate. If so, maybe use it to get a better job. I realize the certificate means nothing. I have been in IT for 30 years with no certificates or degrees so I understand.
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