Is it possible that nearly every Coder/Programmer has some kind of social anxiety? 😂

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    Guess thats the reason to become a dev.
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    Social anxiety is one of the requirements to become developer.
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    I am one of those with social anxiety, and most of the people I work with are the same. But some are really normal and outgoing. Must be something else that's wrong with them...
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    Depends on the dev. social devs get promoted to Managment, or continue to be PM or Project Managers. They make more money usualy, and the work is easier, but more stressfull.
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    Mr. ROBOT has it.
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    @atulmy he definitely does
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    Well, I am not the most social person, but I usually go out with friends
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    Person dev = World.getPersonById(devId);

    if(!dev.socialAnxiety) {
    dev.jobTitle = "Project Manager";
    dev.secondaryJobTitle = "Scrum Master" ;

    return dev;
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    I actually think this is some kind of self fulfilling prophecy. Just like 'only men do this'. I think this thinking hurts our industry. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in being anxious. I'm an introvert myself. But I think that having a variety of different personalities is beneficial as it gives more perspectives and approaches.
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    But what I like about coding is that you 'have a chance' against extroverts as you don't have to be loud to be heared. The only thing that counts is code. Maybe thats why a lot of introverts code. Its a way to express yourself without having to say a lot.
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    @BlueDev code is not the only thing that counts, social skills can be the difference from a low paycheck to a good paycheck.
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    It is the contrary, people with social anxiety tend to turn to computer science
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    I might be one of the most extroverted programmers out there...
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    Well, coding is not something you do while having a conversation about the latest social trends
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