Software runs fine on several in-house instances. First time customers hosting it themselves. Runs fine. Users start using. Server need absurdly high processing power and fucks up. I can not access customers Server to debug. Only hope, get copy of their images to reproduce their setup. And have *** one single fucking hour *** to go into it before having to tell in emergency meeting if we can fix it or they would blew the project.

I didn't expect, but found the cause, a single very badly written query. Written by myself years ago I have to admit.
They also gave me one hour to produce a patch. I did but but lost so many hair.

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    Well done on finding it, under extreme pressure. I've been lucky in that any code that's fine in test has also always been fine live, but I don't usually have to cope with the very high traffic volumes or millions of rows that can throw this kind of issue.
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    @spongegeoff thank you. This was two weeks ago btw. Still shaking.
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    Hmm why is it wk319 instead of wk321? Nah, does fit anyway somehow...
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    @horus I had the parallel experience, I think. When I answered the invitation and went to post my (first) rant there was a prefilled tag, which I assumed would be for the correct/relevant week. It wasn't, but fortunately, as with yours, my rant also fitted the mis-suggested week number tag more or less well.
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