Weather rant. Apparently, it rained too hard and we lost power. Now our UPSes are drained, servers are shut down, and we have no network connectivity. The whole town is without power. For at least 4 hours.

Boss gave us the OK to work from home, but I don't have electricity either :(

At least I have devRant and my mobile phone to keep me entertained.

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    It is the end of civilazation as we know it...
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    Power came back a few minutes ago. Time to go back being productive, I guess.
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    Ohh the boss gave you the OK to work from home, when everything in the office was offline? That's sweet.
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    @ronakkaria Actually, Corporate have infrastructures throughout the world. It's not really a problem to work from home (or from anywhere else) when our office is offline. Everything we need to work is available via one of the many VPN. Only a few local servers are unavailable, but they are not used in the development process.
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