long time ago....
Feature request: We want an android backup solution in Our app!
UI guy has already developed it, you just need to see if his solution is solid!
Ok then - lets look at the UI: Nice progress bars, that turn into green checkmarks. Looks good.
Now lets look at the code: ... Ok. loading some files into memory.... and... dafuq? does not write to a file?

Backup to RAM. With no restore. 🀦‍♂️.

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    Hey! I turned my phone off and my backup is gone!!!! magicMirror, it's all your fault!!!
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    - ok, I copied everything I needed and you can now format that computer.

    (After formatting...)

    - Where's the documents I copied to the clipboard before you format the computer???
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    And that time when the app detected a problem in the sdcard, and "fixing" it deleted the first file it found there? rinse and repeat enough times to remove all files?

    Fun times!
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