I work very hard to the point I have no medical leave in all the time I have been working, I take do I get any respect nope at every opportunity I get shat on, blamed for everything today I was told off for thinking.

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    I know that feel man. What's more important? Your health or your job? You'll have hundreds of jobs in your life, but only ever one body.
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    My heath, but I don't want to let my team m8s, the client, or the family down. By quiting out
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    So take medical leave and vacation like a normal worker. Why extend a courtesy to a workplace that doesn't extend courtesy to you.
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    Hey man, you sound like your getting sick. I bet your contagious, wouldn't want others getting sick because of you. You should take a day of to get better. 😉
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    I agree I probably should take leave but again it's the thing of letting people down

    Great idea but lieing
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