In my 6 years of professional experience, after receiving hundreds of messages from recruiters, only 3 of them actually read my profile, where I have very detailed instructions on what I need to consider an offer.

Amazing. Best part is when I tell recruiters they haven't read my profile, they get super defensive.

Is it a job requirement to not be able to read?

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    Same here, have specified exact location and area radius and get offers from the end of the world without remote ...
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    Recruiters are spammers. It costs them very little to just blast out feelers to a huge list and if one out of 1000 reply, great. Compared to the time it would take them to read all of each profile and think about it. Labor is just a resource to be mined, even in highly paid skilled positions. And the miners are not your friends.
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    @steev this is very true. Recruiters don't have time to be reading through every profile. They spend maybe 7 seconds on every resume/profile, and if most of it matches what they are looking for they send a blast out.

    If no response, no worries, onto the next.
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