"Okay, this is way OT but here it goes. Back during the GW Bush days I noticed something strange. All five TV networks suddenly started using human(s) to refer to us. Gone were humanity, humankind, mankind (!), people, person(s), us, we and human beings I about barfed when I watched an ingenue said her best girlfriend had found a wonderful human to marry.
I see three problems. One is the way putative competitors started this newspeak in lockstep. Another is the degradation of English. The last is the loss of emotional content. Saying "Humans are responsible for climate change." is so blah it's like somebody else is responsible, like Martians, maybe like somebody else is responsible, Martians, maybe.
I apologize for the wording of this rant but I am forced to use a phone with one hand due to severe injury.

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    Most of the western urban society lost its touch to the goriness and rawness of life

    They hide what they don't like to acknowledge between works and shapes

    Take for example the well known nugget: it's meat, but it's smashed, processed and reshaped beyond recognition. You could hardly link it to the animal of origin. You would be forgiven to think it was some kind of fruit if you wouldn't know any better.

    That's because people prefer to forget they are eating living things. Steak comes already sliced and seasoned. Sausages come already minced and smoked.

    It's a form of voluntary desensibilization from everything that we might find uncomfortable.
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    @Drunkzee there are a lot more examples.

    Not only to 'us' as mankind.

    Christmas events ? Oooh no we can't call it like that. A 'minority' of humans don't like this. Let's rename it to just 'winter events' 🤯

    So we (the people) cannot do stuff we want. Traditions are not wanted if it does no include all humans. (Or is it really ? Why can't we have special rules during ramadan ? Any boss is like 'oh but you are not .... so you are not allowed'

    We humans all live on the same earth. Media and governments have the power over us all. Yet those humans keep doing the same mistakes (war, religious fights, discrimination, corruption)
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    Because every news station just reads a script. They don't think for themselves. If you follow the money you will find that something like 6 corporations control all the news media in the USA. They are just following their corporate orders.
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