My son is into playing Roblox. He asked me to help him find an auto clicker that doesn't have viruses/malware. We looked into cheatengine (which I have used in the past), but despite getting it from a legit source it is getting flagged as malware. So we started writing one with Python. I did check to see what their policy on bots is:

"Using bots that are programmed to run disruptive, large-scale tasks"

is the only text I can find about bots. It seems like they don't care if you make bots to automate tasks or play the game.

I plan on having some fun with this and including a little gui to control the bot while the game runs in the background (the goal). I had tried to get my son to have an interest in programming so this is a good intro.

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    Pyautogui might need helpful. Cool project!
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    Software for cheating, cracking etc is often flagged as malware based on its purpose btw. Doesn't necessarily mean it will harm your system (though it gets hard to tell at that point)...
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    "My son is into playing Roblox." - that's where you failed as parent
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    I can recommend Autohotkey
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    @catgirldev Trying to get rare drops.
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    @catgirldev well, learning how to automate stuff in a game _is_ a fun way to learn about programming, and how computers work.
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    @PeterDCarter not so much because of it's purpose, afaik, but because of what antiviruses can see its code does - reads and manipulates memory that doesn't belong to it.
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    @Midnight-shcode poteato potahto
    Debuggers do the same thing.
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    @Midnight-shcode sometimes, but I have had one outright tell me it was because the purpose of the software was cracking before
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    Check the solutions on the autoclicker site and also make sure that the game on Roblox allows you to use such a mod. I used only fps unlocker roblox - https://fpsunlocker.io/ but the developers allow such software to use, which is safe and there is no chance of getting banned
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    I never knew about this information! very useful information

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