lol, OBS.
also probably the ONLY open-source thing i'm using, in general.

... oh ok, i occasionally use VSCode, but only occasionally since i use it exclusively as a note-taking app regarding my language, since as an IDE it's useless

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    Obligatory visual studio code is not open source
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    @LotsOfCaffeine @Earu The source code is licensed under the MIT License which is practically the definition of an open source license. If the source code is gratis and libre and has a proper license, how is it not open source?
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    Oh it’s MIT? Thought it was some other licence. Anyway, that was my point yes
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    @NotJeckel as far as I am aware, the official VS Code build consists of the core, the source code of which is open source software and was linked earlier, PLUS some telemetry and other stuff on top which is proprietary.

    Under Linux, the open source core is distributed as "VSCodium" and basically consists of the software in that GitHub repository, so basically VS Code with all of its features including the extensions marketplace but without the telemetry and weird stuff on top. The "normal" VS Code as distributed by Microsoft with the non-free components is also available on Linux "VS Code"
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    @NotJeckel yes, it's how @ess3sq describes it.

    The part that you see on github is under MIT yes, but if you were to build that you'd get "Code - OSS". You find this in certain linux distros too. VSCodium is basically that OSS release.

    In principle it doesn't really matter, the OSS version has the core editor and the API for the extensions and the extensions are really what make vscode useful to begin with.

    The fucky part about this however:

    - the vscode extension marketplace is only allowed to be used with official Visual Studio products, i.e. not the OSS release. You can circumvent this but it breaks ToS. Alternatively use open-vsx.org.

    - The extensions from microsoft, most notably remote development, are only licenced to be used with official visual studio products. You can't use it with the OSS release.

    The C# extension's debugger will just give you a small message when starting to debug. (use github.com/Samsung/netcoredbg instead fyi)
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