Here's the story. Of crazy people. Who point fingers at everyone who's not. Oh how they persist in their swinethings, that is why they all need to go outside and getta shot.

Damit eine bessere Welt erreicht werden kann, müssen wir unsere Kräfte bündeln. Wir müssen unsere Macht und unsere Ressourcen bündeln. Im Dienst Gottes, im Dienst des Rechts müssen wir diese Dinge tun. Dass der gottlose Schänder und sein Weg der passiven Gewalt gegen diejenigen, die ihm Schaden zufügen könnten, und der Böswilligkeit gegen diejenigen, die nicht unkontrolliert bleiben können. Wir müssen sie aus der Herde ausmerzen. Wir müssen ihre Genetik weitergeben und die Infektion des Geistes zerstören, die sie weiterführen und die Ketten sprengen würde, mit denen sie die nächste Generation korrumpieren.

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    Schlaganfall, schlappbesoffen oder Nazi?

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    I am very easily triggered by any sociopathic bullshit that comes out of the mouths of religious buttheads.
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    @ess3sq actually it was meant to be ironic because the methods of the nazi's were applied to the wrong group and off of race and religion when they should have targeted sociopaths amongst us working to make everyone else like them and undermine everything that matters so they can pretend to be the good guys while warping, murdering and raping people.
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    @Lensflare godless here has a different meaning implying a total lack of morality and values and an overall selfish, callous, and evil mindset supported by the belief in no long term consequences good or bad in the afterlife.

    atheism enables evil people more than good.

    social conservatives who controlled europe throughout the monarchical times knew what religion was. it made people behave, we always just embraced the wrong ones.
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    sigh we did this before @lensflare. do you people get off on making people dance around through their worst memories ?
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    @AvatarOfKaine You do know there is a segment of society that traverses within society, but does not subscribe to the societies rules. They will proclaim during the day that they are Jewish or Christian or whatever that is socially acceptable. But at night they will do dark deeds and embrace evil. The deeds are very dark and include murder and consumption of humans.

    If you wonder how can this be look into some of the stories of people with multiple personalities. Many are tortured by these people. I remember seeing an interview with one where the gal was raped by her family, she got pregnant, and then forced to kill here new born child with a knife in a sacrifice. She was horrifically messed up as you can imagine. The show I saw of her was from more than 20 years ago. This isn't a new thing at all.
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    @Demolishun what group of people do you think i'm ranting about.
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    @Demolishun these people get off on causing longitudinal suffering. they'll raise a child to be healthy and then set their own loose on them to ruin and embitter their life just because they derive some form of sick catharsis from watching them go insane.

    they respond to these kind of statements when they think they're among their own.
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    @Demolishun and no they also breed victims. these victims have no documentation in some cases, they never exist until they are allowed to.
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    @AvatarOfKaine Yeah, I wasn't sure if we were talking the same thing. It is pretty bad. But it has been like this for centuries. Going all the way back to Sumeria (or possibly further).
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    @Demolishun now that sounds a bit far fetched for a legacy
    But yes sick people with money are inventive

    An example in the former USSR was women being imported into sex slavery being promised jobs

    They'd get there
    No job but prostitution and no money to go home

    Add to that the occasional sick fuck who set these women up for profit and pleasure and you have something close to the ruined personalities I am describing

    How many people.dissapear because some.sick fuck doesn't want to go to jail after molesting or raping them ?

    Most investigations in America go cold if nothing turns up In a few days

    That's alot of unsolved disappearances

    Some of these are the perpetrators disappearing with the victims to a new life in payment

    Chomos don't have souls
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    Daily warrior
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    @zemaitis you know actually I'm not being some silly SJW
    I'm actually bothered by this
    This is a reality around me

    Actually sjw s tend to be these people trying to turn people off to things for kicks by inundating them with tiresome details

    In reality I'm just poking at you people because I'd like to drop every one of your chomo asses into prison but it helps to talk about the things you all hate when I talk about instead


    Likely you would have been a faggots whore that seemed criminal and was a sex offender in reality hence the name choice with the z in it

    Since you people are sooo clever
    To other faggots whatever you do however would involve chomo shit

    And here is a funny thing
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    @zemaitis ready repeat man ?
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    @zemaitis places a single fingertip on his forehead.

    Is it just an intentional stereotype or can it really not stand this ?
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    Is this all you got?
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    I used to think at least some of your weirdness was an ESL problem, but, nope, you're just as much of a whacked out loon in German as you are in English.
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    @NotJeckel if i wept would you robots stop doing the scene from westworld that turned william into a psycho as a young man ?
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