I use so many open-source projects that I don't even know which one I use most.

Probably Linux or Git. I use Linux on all my own personal PCs. I use Git at home and at work. But there's also Firefox...

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    saying linux is kind of a cop out generalization :P its not specific enough :P
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    @AvatarOfKaine I use Arch at home, Ubuntu for my personal servers, a mix of RHEL, CentOS, and Amazon Linux at work... Strictly speaking the open-source project I use the most IS the Linux kernel.
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    @EmberQuill but.... Lol well I said chrome but still lol this is repeat

    You know I was just thinking how unhappy and bitter I was being trapped with people who only like people with money for them

    Like when it's always those people the unhappiness of this long standing retardation increases

    Expecting people to be alright with this crazy shit enough to resist going crazy is asking a bit much

    This is misery being around twisted greedy mean spirited Deceitful pod person Fuck dolls with no living breathing semi genuine individuals to converse with is like being trapped in a very nice prison
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    @EmberQuill I was just thinking of that now as we went through the rounds of repeating a previously chipper online interaction which right now is seeming like well

    A template loaded off a harddisk and pasted from records to save time by a bot

    Miss women but I don't want this fucked up shit anymore and that was the default when realizing you soul sucking people really only do care about living in a never ending loop

    Oh and to the peanut gallery what is wrong with that is it screws a lower dirtier class of people. doesn't change. The answer you know
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    And sorry that's their rules
    We're long past 2020 for real
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    And like I said
    The default is not what I ever wanted but going Ina circle getting stuck drives everyone nuttier than a fruitcake especially when human light hangings won't acnowledge the truth to their own and most especially my detriment

    Makes you hate and resent them for more than their cheap capricious unfriendly fake shallow uninteresting natures that are entirely one track and that's without considering that most of them are horrible monsters if not all of them in reality and I am not far from the better past
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    It's like I. Soylent green when Heston refers to the girl as furniture
    But then she has a heart and a soul lol
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    @AvatarOfKaine Bruh, I was just talking about Linux, not pessimistic misanthropic nihilism.
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    @EmberQuill yes but in the same way you did last time
    Precisely the same
    If nothing changes our minds become like robots
    We become "overfit" bring surrounded by robots generally causes this just like being Round crazy people enough make us crazy.

    By the way you also said the bruh thing before this makes the 3rd version of this
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    @AvatarOfKaine if, as you claim he "did last time", provide a context, so we don't have to use damn telepathy. Or reply in the same thread right where you saw it. Because none of what you typed makes sense in regards to using Linux.
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    @vintprox yawn one bottle of repeat wine and some terrible recall later of more depressing details heh

    Damn people are and were monsters

    Also no. Context was provided previously
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