What I love about windows is that it's not forcing people to say it's perfect.
Unlike some other OSes. :)

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    I don't think any other OS does that either

    It is all about people's perception
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    What i like about archlinux is that it doesn't say it is perfect but it is perfect.
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    Yeah, I also hate how Apple's design decisions, restrictions and communication constantly imply that their products are perfect and the only reason third party apps exist is to offer imperfect versions of services Apple doesn't provide yet.
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    A walled garden but the barbed wire is on the inside
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    On the other hand, Microsoft acknowledges that not only are their products imperfect, they're actually worse than the competition so their way to success is through exclusivity contracts and other monopolistic unfair business practices that the EU would've banned decades ago if every state on the continent didn't already depend on Microsoft.
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    @lbfalvy to be fair, multiple states started a full conversion to alternatives.

    And then they went back to ms because the alternatives on the market were actually worse.
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    @Feibrix I haven't heard the second part of the story, which country?
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    @lbfalvy ok, nevermind, Germany is switching again to libre office it seems, while in Italy they started to go back to MS but it is unclear what's the current direction.

    Just lol.
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    @Feibrix Well yeah, MS is the standard so it's easier for everyone, but firstly it's a national security disaster because Microsoft is a US-based company that doesn't have a warrant canary, and secondly the very techniques they used to become the standard are reason enough never to trust them with anything, even without considering American intelligence services.
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    @lbfalvy see now apple fits into that aforementioned category with its think different crap lol
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    You know I remember when the eu sued Microsoft for bundling software that prevented competition

    Then Linux projects caught up
    Now you have options
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