started looking for another way to use discord since their linux app is electron and garbage. (taking up a couple gigs just to sit there. windows apparently are all 32bit builds and take up a couple hundred megs)

luakit was not highlighting text? lil slow. lil weird

surf (suckless), well suks. copy doesnt even work from what i can tell, and other ppl had that issue. besides that just kind of a pain. not a fan of suckless rebuild manually flow anyway

had to dick with userscripts since a browser wouldn't have notifs or systray.

drag and drop doesn't appear to work with webkit. (i know safari users have had issues bc discord says the tech doesnt support discord)

ended up with vimb, and i gotta say, it's good. faster, i got vim follow, and it only takes up 100mb or so.

fuk ya

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